Training & Certifications

ESI is committed to improving and advancing its performance through education and training.
Over the past 27 years our team has completed all certifications required by DOE Low Income Weatherization Programs, BPA, State Government and HUB. The following are weatherization training seminars our staff has attended:

2010 EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Lead-Safe Training
2010 BPI Certification
2009 BPI Certification
2008 Combustion Safety Certification
2007 Combustion Safety Certification
2006 Combustion Safety Certification
2006 Lead-Safe Weatherization Training
2006 DOE Energy-Related Mold & Moisture Protocol
2005 Two-Part Foam Air-Sealing Training
2002 Lead-Based Paint Training
2001 Lead-Based Paint Training (Safe Work Practices)
2001 Cold Comfort Weatherization Training (Alaska)
2000 Energy Conference Northwest
1998 Energy Conference Northwest
1996 Energy Conference Northwest
1996 Alaska Warm Computerized Energy Audit Training
1996 Affordable Comfort Conference
1996 Advanced Pressure Diagnostics
1995 Pressure Diagnostics & Duct Sealing W/ John Tooley & Gary Nelson
1995 Beginning Pressure Diagnostics
1995 Cold Climate Weatherization Techniques
1994 Energy Northwest Conference
1994 WSEO/Tacoma City Light Duct Sealing Training
1994 Mobile Home Weatherization Training
1994 MAD Air w/ John Tooley & Jim Fitzgerald
1993 Pressure Diagnostics/High Density Wall Blow w/ Jim Fitzgerald & Michael Blasnick
1992 Rolling Homes Weatherization Training
1992 Alaska Craftsman Home Program – Energy Efficient Home Workshop
1992 MAD Air w/ John Tooley



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