Knowledge & Expertise

Lead-Safe Work Practices – ESI complies with the state and federal requirements for working with lead-based paint.  Our firm has developed techniques for installing exterior and interior wall insulation using a vacuum system that gathers dust and particles during the drilling phase.  We also take extensive care to ensure that the homeowner’s property/well-being is protected.  Our staff has completed training and certification in both Lead-Safe Work Practices and Lead-Safe Weatherization and EPA Remodeler Pointer.

Combustion Safety Testing – ESI provides worse-case testing and zonal pressure balancing as part of our standard weatherization procedures.  Due to increased concerns relating the potential threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, our staff has recently completed a certification course in Combustion Safety.  ESI has a Monoxer analyzer to ensure that each home is left in a safe condition after work is completed.  Our firm will sub-contract furnace tune-ups/repairs and preliminary combustion safety testing to an outside heating contractor .

Pressure Diagnostics and Air Sealing – ESI achieves optimum infiltration reduction through the use of blower door assisted sealing of attic/crawl bypasses and electrical/plumbing penetrations.  Zonal pressure diagnostics and pressure pan testing of forced air heating systems allows ESI to pinpoint duct leakage and perform corrective measures (e.g., applying mastic to seams, boots, registers and return plenums) to bring the system to within established limits.  ESI also provides back-draft testing and design of remedial actions, and installation of high density wall insulation as an air reduction measure.

Insulation Materials and Installation Techniques – ESI has three gas-powered truck-mounted insulation blowing machines with the capacity to meet or exceed the required pressure to perform high density wall insulation.  This equipment blows both cellulose and fiberglass materials.  ESI has had very good success with the single-hole, tube-fill, high density wall blow technique. ESI also installs insulation in walls (open stud situations), attics/ceilings, basements/crawl spaces, floors, kneewalls, ducts, rim joists, cantilevers and garage ceilings.  Types of insulation used include rigid board, fiberglass batt, and loose-fill types (cellulose and fiberglass).

Mobile Home Weatherization and Repair – ESI has an extensive background in supplying repair and weatherization measures to mobile homes throughout King County, Snohomish County and Alaska. For the past several years, ESI has been blowing mobile home lids and under floors through the Snohomish County Weatherization Program.  Our firm will sub-contract installation of EPDM or metal roofs to a specialized contractor such as Phipps Seamless Gutters.

Capacity to Perform – ESI is operating with 4 three-man crews, each capable of completing approximately 4 typical jobs per week.

Additional Weatherization Measures – ESI is proficient in the installation or repair of the following:

  1. New windows meeting Class 35 energy requirements; caulking, weather-stripping, reputtying and reglazing of existing windows.  Large window projects may be sub-contracted to an outside firm such as Carrig & Dancer.
  2. Custom metal or fiberglass insulated doors; jambs, thresholds, door locks and weather-stripping of existing doors.
  3. Ground vapor barrier in crawl spaces or under mobile home skirtings.
  4. Insulated water heaters jackets and pipe wrap.
  5. Attic and crawl space ventilation through all types of surfaces including wood, composition, tar, concrete and metal.  Custom designed vents for unusual situations can be provided.
  6. Mechanical ventilation and ducting through the exterior surface (e.g., kitchen range hoods, bath fans and dryer vents; and whole-house fan systems using Panasonic fans, Fresh 80’s and Fresh 100’s Passive Air Vents and 24 hour timers).
  7. General plumbing and electrical repairs will be sub-contracted to Community Plumbing and Bowie Electric.
  8. Smoke alarms, clock thermostats, fireplace damper plugs, chimney top dampers, insulated pull-down ladder hatch covers, and attic/crawl space openings and hatch covers.
  9. Minor roof repair; installation of splash blocks and gutters.
  10. High efficiency replacement lighting systems.


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