About Us

Energy Savers, Inc. (ESI) provides insulation installation and expertise, as well as weatherization and repair services to site-built, multi-family, and mobile homes participating in their local Weatherization Program. All sub-contractors utilized are licensed, bonded and insured.

ESI, an independent minority-owned general contractor, has 32 years experience providing comprehensive insulation and weatherization services for government or utility funded weatherization/home repair programs. For the past 19 years, our firm has been providing blower-door diagnostic testing in conjunction with our other insulation and weatherization services. Our firm is proficient in the current technology required of a full service insulation and weatherization company performing work for public weatherization programs. This includes the ability to provide comprehensive energy audit services to determine the most cost-effective conservation measures to reduce energy consumption.

ESI complies with federal and state regulations regarding working with lead-based paint (e.g., Pollution Occurrence Insurance and crew certification of Lead Safe Weatherization training). Our staff is certified in Combustion Safety, Lead-Safe Weatherization, Energy-Related Mold and Moisture Protocol, and Pressure Diagnostics (Blower Door). Our staff has completed a Duct-Blaster training program provided by Bruce Manclark of ECOS Consulting in conjunction with Puget Sound Energy Pilot Weatherization Program.

ESI completes approximately 350-450 low income homes per year in the Seattle metro area and Snohomish County and King County in Washington State and the State of Alaska. ESI is committed to quality and progress in the field of weatherization. We appreciate the opportunity to utilize cutting edge technologies in our approach to residential energy conservation and insulation.



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